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Van Gogh HD

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Overdamped Art Series™ proudly presents Van Gogh HDVan Gogh HD has been one of the best selling art apps in the Apple App Store since iPad was first introduced.Van Gogh HD is used in various colleges and educational institutions as study aid.Featured by Apple Inc. in the 'App Store Essentials' (Feb, 2012)Featured by Apple Inc. in the 'Apps for Art Lovers' (June, 2011)Featured by Apple Inc. in the 'Coffee Table Apps' (Feb, 2011)Selected by Apple Inc. in REWIND 2010: iPad Apps (Dec, 2010)Featured by Apple Inc. in 'What's Hot' (May, 2010)Selected by Apple Inc. as a 'Promotional Demo App' for Apple's Display Devices
"Van Gogh HD is as educational as it is visually enjoyable....  Van Gogh HD puts the entire Dutch painter’s works in one place, which makes it well worth the download."          -Derek Walter, iPadNewsDaily
"I’m no Van Gogh expert but now I can at least pretend to be with Van Gogh HD for the iPad."          -Best iPad Apps,
"Have a Vincent van Gogh library in your pocket.  Don’t love van Gogh?  Download this app and you will!  Enjoy your own personal museum with Van Gogh HD!!!"          -Jeremy,
"And with the ability to function with or without internet connection, users can always access this application and feel like they’re in the real Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam."          -Tom,
"This app is definitely worth the money for those studying art or art lovers."          -Cristi, PadGadget
"The Van Gogh HD app is lovely."          -Jen Edwards, TabletPCReview
" ...whatever your taste in art, from Renaissance to the Impressionist, from Europe to Asia, if you are an art lover Overdamped probably makes an app you want… I called the GUI and features the gold standard for art viewing apps."          -Lisa Caplan, AppAdivce & AppTudes
Virtual Museum Experience with QualityVan Gogh HD is a virtual gallery of Vincent van Gogh specially designed and developed for both iPad and iPhone. Featuring high-definition paintings of the greatest Dutch artist ever lived, Van Gogh HD takes you through a virtual tour of Van Gogh's lifetime in 13 Amazing Categories. Download Van Gogh HD now and experience the greatest art pieces in HD quality with classical music in the background.
13 Categories1. Self-Portraits2. Early Life 1880~1886 (Paintings)3. Early Life 1880~1886 (Sketches & Drawings)4. Paris 1886~1888 (Paintings)5. Paris 1886~1888 (Sketches & Drawings)6. Arles 1888~1889 (Paintings)7. Arles 1888~1889 (Sketches & Drawings)8. Saint-Remy 1889~1890 (Paintings)9. Saint-Remy 1889~1890 (Sketches & Drawings)10. Auvers Sur-Oise 1890 (Paintings)11. Auvers Sur-Oise 1890 (Sketches & Drawings)12. Works from Unknown Dates13. Letter to Theo (copies of original letters and English translations included)
Educational Info1. Title2. Original Year3. Method/Tools of Painting4. Size of Original Painting5. Current Location and Ownership
Features-Background Music-Slideshow-Save to Photo-Share via Email, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter-Bookmark Folder-Wikipedia Link-Artist Info, Category period Info